Elite Courtesans in London

VIP Companion International is known to be a Super elite escort agency reserved for only the most successful people in the city. Whilst this does tend to be true for many, we do welcome new clients from all walks of life to sample the delights our super-elite London escorts can offer. To many people, our escorts are considered to be expensive however this is only based upon comparison with other agencies and unfortunately these other London escort agencies are not direct comparisons as they do not offer the exclusive and super-elite services VIP Companion International can.

It is perhaps unfair to label us as offering expensive escorts as the type of clientele we serve looks for something more bespoke and tailored to their own needs. Anything which is specially prepared and personally organized will always attract a higher fee and this is the case with our expensive escorts. For the regular man on the street, yes our services and our super-elite escort girls could be seen as expensive however when one considers the exclusivity of these ladies and the fact that many of them are not promoted anywhere else then their rarity will always attract a premium.

Exclusive and elite usually go hand in hand with 'expensive'. Whenever something is rare then it becomes more desired and out of reach of the regular person. This is the case with our super-elite, exclusive and expensive escorts. These ladies are indeed successful public figures in some places and so to make public their encounters would be detrimental to their career success. Most models and TV presenters would mix within the same social circles and so it is with our expensive and elite London escorts. They are rarely seen outside of their usual London areas such as Mayfair and South Kensington and so it is unlikely that they would be called upon to provide outcall services to places outside of these social brackets. - That is not to say that they would not entertain the idea of going there, just that there does not seem to be much call for their services in other areas than the most elite in London.

In most cases, and certainly in the case of our super-elite London escorts, expensive goes hand in hand with a higher quality, something of a rarity or something that is tailor-made for an individual preference. Our elite escort service offers personal experiences that are a true delight and can be experienced by our VIP members and clientele.

When you are in London, why not make it an extra special time where you can enjoy the pleasures you desire in the company of one of our expensive escorts who have been personally chosen to offer you the delights and pleasures that fulfill you. Encounters can be enjoyed in private at your hotel suite or in public at an upscale restaurant, the choice is yours and if you are one of our VIP clients then we can offer our excellent service to work with you to ensure your time in London will be one to remember.

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