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Dubai is a beautiful and luxurious place that many of our clients visit for both business and pleasure. The 7-star luxury hotels offer everything a man could ever wish for, although they do lack the sensual and erotic elite escort girls so well-known at Escorts of London. We pride ourselves on being a truly international escort agency, and our galleries would not be complete without stunning beauties who are available as Dubai escorts in the UAE - we are delighted to have an ever-changing gallery full of stunners for your delight. 

At our international escort agency as well as having lots of local escorts in various countries of the world we also have many escorts who tour the globe from time to time; when they are in certain locations and available for international encounters we can arrange dates with our clients who are also in the same part of the world at the same time. We also let our clients know in advance if we have one of our gorgeous and elite London escorts traveling to a specific country where she plans to stay for a few months; when some of our London escorts travel to Dubai during the winter months and they express their desire to meet with our clients, we can promote them as international escorts and as Dubai escorts for your delight. 

Dubai is the second largest emirate of the UAE and is located on the Southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. It has emerged as the main business center in the Persian Gulf and attracts hundreds of thousands of executives and CEOs throughout the year. Given the sheer wealth of most of its visitors, the area has become inextricably linked with money, luxury and to a degree, the excesses of wealth, with supercars driving around in the dust and beautiful VIP Dubai escorts available at any time of the day and night. 

You may be surprised to know that less than 5% of the area's wealth comes from oil production. The main money-spinners in the area are tourism and real estate - as a luxury tourist destination few others can beat it. The pure white sands and the extremely hot weather make Dubai ideal for those who worship the sun and like a bit of marble to walk on! Even the cheapest hotels are simply stunning and most have access to private beaches; the sheer glamour and excessive luxury in all hotels are certainly something to be seen. It is not surprising that only the most exclusive people stay here, many of our Dubai escorts tend to travel and enjoy the company of our executive clients throughout the winter months. 

Dubai is the most expensive city in the Middle East and, understandably, only the most elite and VIP Dubai escorts are here.