What does it mean to be a Premium Escort?

Recently we have seen a big rise in the number of high-end escorts in London. Beautiful girls with hefty price tags are flooding the internet and everyone seems to be competing to enter the elite category. But what does it really mean to be a Premium Escort? What do they have those other girls don't and are they really worth the prices that they advertise?  

All escorts aspire at being classified as premium, not only for the higher financial rewards but also because of the prestige and reputation associated with it. It can be a real confidence boost for a girl, something that makes them feel good about themselves and what they are doing. Unfortunately, many girls think that high class is something that can be bought with money. They would go on a shopping spree to some designer boutiques in central London and spend all they have on expensive clothes, shoes, and handbags. While presenting yourself well is of course important, there is so much more that a lady needs to have in order to be classified as such. It all starts from simple things such as someone's attitude, body language, or tone of voice; these are all powerful indications of the type of person you have in front of you. Some girls were lucky enough to be brought up in high circles of society and so they naturally have that elegant charm, but in other cases, it is still possible to acquire it by surrounding yourself with nice elite people, observing and mingling with them - and above all understanding that being elite is not about showing off or being above others, quite the opposite in fact! High-class girls, whether escorts or not, are effortlessly stylish, they turn heads wherever they go but without trying too hard. They just "have it", and that is what is so irresistible and attractive about them.

Premium blonde escort in the pool

Escorts in the premium category are selected following a strict set of criteria: after considering good looks and good manners, the ladies are scrutinized for their social skills, personality, intelligence, elegance, and versatility. They need to be seductive but not vulgar, behave well in public, have good table manners, and above all be able to effortlessly adapt to different social environments. Rather than following standard rules of behavior that may be considered sexy or charming in the industry, premium escorts are encouraged to reveal their true nature and personality when they meet clients. This means they will be able to hold an interesting conversation, and express their real thoughts and feelings in order to create a mental connection with the client; the whole experience will be more meaningful and satisfactory than a simple sexual encounter because you will feel teased and stimulated on so many different levels.

Premium Russian escort posing

Premium escorts generally tend to be part-time in this profession. These girls are usually students, models, or part-time career women. They have several interests outside of the sex industry and this is reflected in their personality as well as behavior. If you see them on the street, they would probably catch your eye because of their beauty, but nobody would actually think they are escorts! Because of the busy and varied lives they lead, premium escorts tend to be less available than ordinary call girls. Premium ladies have other commitments which means they can only dedicate a certain number of hours per week to escorting, which makes it hard to catch them on short notice. When booking premium escorts we always recommend giving us as much notice as possible; the girls are punctual and reliable so there will not be cancellations or last-minute changes of schedule on the day. These girls are professionals after all, and they take this job seriously as they do with their daily careers or university studies.

Many clients are still asking us - should we really try meeting Premium Escorts, when we can find much cheaper girls elsewhere? The answer really depends on the type of experience you are searching for, but we usually recommend to all our clients to meet a Premium Escort at least once to see what difference it can make to their experience. Many of them are surprised to find out that a physical encounter can turn into so much more! It is all about memories after all, and if you can have a pleasant experience that also stays with you for a long time after, we believe it is worth it.