Top 5 Places to go for Dinner with your Escort in London

If you have just booked a dinner date with a lovely escort in London, but you are short of ideas for your date, don't panic! The choice of restaurants in the capital can be overwhelming, so we have selected the top 5 places to impress her. And she will love them, we promise! Our shortlist is classy and sophisticated, with excellent food and wine menus, and most importantly, the right atmosphere for the start of your evening together. There is something for every taste: from Japanese to French, from Italian to Peruvian, the choice is all yours!

1) Sexy Fish

Dress to impress is the rule in Sexy Fish. This restaurant is relatively new in London, but it has quickly gained a reputation on par with some of the longest-standing Mayfair eateries. Set in the magnificent Berkely Square, everything about this restaurant is glamourous: from its decor to its food to its guests. The interior is grand and curated to the finest detail. You'll find the bar on the right and a large eating area on the left as you enter. Pick a table near the windows to get some privacy with your girl.

Sexy Fish Restaurant in London

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The menu features innovative Asian fusion cuisine with some exciting food combinations. In Sexy Fish it's all about sharing food, so that's an excellent place to take an escort to if you are meeting her for the very first time. You will easily break the ice and share some of the best food London has to offer together. Late in the evening, a DJ will entertain you. Music gets loud after 11 pm, and guests start dancing near the counter ... this is when Sexy Fish turns into a bit of a club, so don't be afraid to show off some of your best dance moves; everything is allowed in this sexy venue!

2) Novikov

Novikov is a truly unique venue. This place actually has two restaurants, plus an outstanding bar downstairs! The front of the venue is an Asian restaurant, while you have an Italian eatery at the back. The tricky thing is to pick one, as they both have excellent menus and ambience! When going to Novikov, why not let your escort choose? It's a lovely sign of chivalry, and wherever you end up sitting, you are guaranteed an unforgettable evening. The Asian restaurant has an impressive selection of fresh fish you can see and choose from - imagine an actual fishmonger inside a high-end restaurant, how cool is that? The menu features a fantastic range of authentic Japanese dishes and other Asian fusion ideas that are unique to this place. The Italian restaurant is large, bright and lively. The wine list will stun any wine connoisseur, and the food is made only with the freshest and best quality ingredients. Every main course on the menu is to die for; you just can't go wrong! After all, Italian food is all about the right ingredients, and this restaurant will surely live up to any Italian's expectations!

Novikov restaurant in London


3) Zuma

Zuma is undoubtedly one of the hottest places in Knightsbridge right now. Many celebrities are regulars here, but you will also meet an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, influencers and models. The nice thing about Zuma is its social side. Many high-end venues in London can feel a bit cold or snobby, but Zuma is not like that. Start your evening with a drink at the bar, and you will find yourself chatting with others in no time. Everyone is friendly in Zuma; this restaurant has the perfect ambience to enjoy a couple of drinks before dinner. Make sure to book in advance; you will rarely find tables available if you turn up on the day, and the waiting list can often be very long. Choose from a wide selection of sushi and sashimi, tempura and robata skewers, cooked to perfection by the experienced Zuma chefs.

Zuma restaurant in London


4) Sketch

Famously labelled as one of the "most instagrammable places in London", it surely will not disappoint the eye. The sketch is actually a large venue that includes a tea room, two bars and a restaurant. Each room has its own character, but the restaurant is definitely our favourite. The food menu here is highly sophisticated. In fact, Sketch has not one but two Michelin stars. The cuisine is French, but not the ordinary kind. Actually, we can say that everything in this venue is out of the ordinary. The decor of the restaurant is bright and pink, ladies will surely love it! Let the waiters guide you through the menu to make sure you make the most of your eating experience here. If you want to enjoy a cocktail or two after your dinner, there is no need to go anywhere else! Simply head to the bar at the restaurant's end; it is cosy, and chic and it plays great music until the early hours of the morning.

Sketch restaurant in London


5) Coya

This upmarket restaurant is set on the south side of Mayfair in an exceptional venue. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy main road, you will find this unique gem serving fresh and tasty Peruvian food. Surprise your girl with different and original flavours from South America - a real innovation in London's restaurant scene. Break the ice with a delicious Pisco Sour; this place is also famous for its cocktails. The ambience in Coya is funky and stylish; the venue has the feel of a lounge more than a formal eatery, with soft lighting and music. The service is impeccable in Coya, probably the best restaurant service you will find in London. If you want to be well looked after throughout the evening, this is the place to come to. Does your escort have any specific eating requirements? You probably won't know until you take her out, but with Coya, you are in safe hands. This restaurant offers excellent choices for vegans and vegetarians and takes its customers' dietary requirements very seriously. In any case, we recommend leaving some space for dessert; their list is long, creative and mouth-watering!

Coya restaurant in London

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