The 5 types of girls you will meet in London

There are thousands of single girls in London ready to mingle, and it is really hard to put them in just 5 categories ... but we tried! Of course, everyone is different, but below you will find the 5 most common types of available girls in London and we hope this will help you decide what kind of date you want and what you can expect from it! 

The teaser

We chose this type first as it is by far the most common you can find around the capital at the moment. The teaser is a girl who is available for dating but is not really interested in it. She meets guys for fun and to socialize; she enjoys compliments, gifts, and attention but she is rarely ready to give it back. She is full of herself and loves to post frequent updates on social media about what she does. Her Instagram is full of selfies, the pictures are mostly about herself and rarely about her friends. Dating boosts her confidence and it makes her feel feminine and wanted ... but who are we to judge them? At the end of the day, we all like a bit of attention, don't we?

Thea teaserSerial daterThe wanna be sugar babyThe feministThe cougar

The serial dater

This type of girl is not defined by her looks, personality, or social status. She is simply never satisfied with what she gets. There is a growing number of serial daters in the online world, where there are too many choices available and girls can simply swipe "next" and find something new each time. The serial dater is usually well-groomed and puts up a great first impression; you will have the feeling that the date has gone really well because she has been through so many of them that by now she knows exactly what to do! However, you will soon find out that these girls get bored super easily and are not able to offer something that will last in time. The serial dater is determined to look for and find the "perfect man" and will keep on swiping until she finds him ... good luck!

The wannabe sugar baby

With so many millionaires in the capital it is normal for girls to be fascinated by money and all the glamour it can offer. Some of these girls are as young as university students and they don't want to commit to a proper relationship just yet. They just want to have fun while benefiting from the financial position of their sugar daddy. These girls tend to be attractive, open-minded, and have expensive tastes when it comes to shopping and dining out. They are not superficial though - many of them are bright young students just needing a bit of help to live a comfortable life in a big city. If you are happy with this type of relationship, also known as arrangement, sugar babies tend to be stable and reliable once they find their sugar daddy. They know their place and they are also happy to be discreet if the personal circumstances of the sugar daddy require them to do so.

The feminist

This girl is the exact opposite of the sugar baby, and she takes pride in sharing bills and paying for her own meals. It is not to say that this type of girl hates men, they simply embrace their femininity in a different way. They believe in equality and dating them usually revolves around sharing interesting conversations and experiences together. Feminists are original, bold, and sincere - dating them is intellectually stimulating, and letting them pay for the bill should not make you feel any less of a man.

The cougar

London is full of entrepreneurial, ambitious career women who have decided to move to the capital to make a name for themselves. Some of these ladies focus so much on their careers that they leave their love life behind for a while. Once they get to their 30s, 40s, or later, they feel accomplished and want to get back on the dating scene to make up for all the good times they have missed. Dating a cougar is fun, exciting, and rewarding. These women know what they want and they are out there to get it - surely they are not the type to waste your time. The cougar type oozes confidence and sex appeal, and they certainly have more experience in the bedroom than their younger counterparts.